Welcome to Joy Church!


joy-church-logo-create-next-fun-logo-design-99designs_29925253~8de07a3438dff9da567f8d4a9f0a81c8ff60427c_largecropJoy Church is a rapidly growing multi-generational, multi-cultural church with people from almost every denominational background……including those with no church background at all.  We truly believe your experience at Joy Church will be unlike any church service you have ever attended before.

At Joy Church you are cherished yet challenged…cherished just as you are, yet challenged to be all God has called you to be!  If you don’t like organized religion, you will love Joy Church where we believe in “organized relationship”.  We are not about religion, we are about relationship…with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.  We are not about tradition, but the liberating Word of God.  We are not about enduring life, we are all about enjoying life!

Joy Church is the perfect church….for imperfect people.  None of us have “arrived” but at least we’ve left.  We actually believe we are the hardest church in America to fall asleep in! Come see the difference for yourself and let’s enjoy the journey together. There is a place here just for you where you can begin to develop a vibrant, exciting relationship with Jesus Christ and discover your divine destiny!

We hope to see you soon.  And remember, God loves you as if you are the only person in this world to love!