This is not so much about you as it is to you. Had it not been for you I would not be in Tennessee, I would not be married to the most wonderful woman ever to grace my life (Thanks to Minister Mevis for providing over the ceremony, what a guy!). When it comes to your strengths well, it would be so much easier to list your short comings, I say that simply because I don’t know of one.  When I need the guidance of a father you step into those shoes, when I simply need a friend and confidant, well you just never take those shoes off, your always there. I would say that your calling was to be a teacher however that would be wrong in that you would have to follow a curriculum. You are a leader, in saying that I am saying that you guide, you teach what you have learned first hand, no one has had to give you a book to teach you know how to be an exceptional human being, you simply are. As for your talents… Good God, I could simply say your art however that would be selling you short, your ability to see from many angles, many dimensions, not just on paper or canvas but in life itself, that is a talent seldom seen. Your magnetism a is also a force to be reckoned with. I regard these traits as talents rather than strengths because they truly seem to be natural, god given talents. You are not a people pleaser, I say that in that you do not have to go out of your way to please people, that as well is just your nature. You are one of the few friends I make sure to say I love you to when I leave your presence, I say it only because I feel it from you!