Divorce This House

DIVORCING HOMEOWNERS Break free from joint debt & joint ownership – especially re: your family house!

You may be divorced, but did you divorce your house? Keep in mind divorce does not automatically cancel or sever your joint mortgage or any joint ownership of your house.

Because the most dangerous asset in divorce is…your HOUSE, the best time to protect your financial future is…BEFORE divorce.

MISSION: My mission is to educate and empower others regarding the reality of joint real estate, including the pros & cons – technically the rights and responsibilities – of joint debt (especially joint mortgage), joint ownership, and true house equity – before & beyond house appraisal.

This information is especially critical per life changes such as: divorce, separation, job loss, illness/injury, death, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.

BOTTOM LINE re: Joint Real Estate: To protect yourself and your financial future, make sure you know what you owe, what you own, what you are getting into, what you are getting out of, and most importantly – what you may be getting stuck with … before it’s too late!

Note: In divorce, too late often comes early.


For Divorcing Homeowners: Divorce your house, not just your spouse.SM

CAUTION: When keeping your house equals losing your divorce.

What you don’t know during your divorce will hurt you more, long after.
Major mistakes in divorce real estate are preventable during your divorce but are not fixable after your divorce.

These mistakes often result in damaged credit, mortgage default, foreclosure or even bankruptcy. Mistakes that ruin finances, families and futures – for years after divorce.

Because such financially critical mistakes are preventable but not fixable, our solution is simply MORE/EARLIER: more due diligence and information from more real estate and financial experts much earlier in your divorce process.

And the best time to protect your post-divorce credit is during the divorce process – for a stronger financial future.


The family home is usually the most valuable asset in divorce.

To protect your rights NOW, you need a real estate agent specializing in divorce – an RCS-DTM REALTOR®.

RCS-DTM stands for Real Estate Collaborative Specialist-DivorceTM.

RCS-DTM REALTORS® are specially trained to neutralize divorce real estate as a business transaction, in the best interest of the house and each divorcing spouse.

Whether your divorce is completed, just beginning or somewhere in between, an RCS-DTM REALTOR® can help you determine your best options now for a fair property settlement and a stronger financial future.


I am a Real Estate Collaborative Specialist-DivorceTM.

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Because time is of the essence when going through a divorce.


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